Fat, Protein & Moisture Meat Analyzer
Meat Trac

Get an accurate analysis of any meat sample.



The Meat Trac is a specially tailored NMR fat analyzer for the meat industry. Pre-loaded with most common calibrations, you can be up and running in hours. Other rapid technologies tend to drift over time, but the Meat Trac NMR signal does not , which means users do not need to constantly update channels to maintain accurate results. Get accurate, dependable fat results in only 8 seconds.


  • No Drift – No calibration maintenance
  • Fast Analysis Time – 8 Second fat analysis
  • Enhanced Software – LIMS connectivity and integrated data management
  • Method Development Made Simple – Intuitive software means users can create new methods with minimal training, or use the pre-loaded methods for even greater simplicity.

CEM - One-Touch Technology

Precise & Reliable

A better rapid analysis system.

By using AOAC approved methods, it is able to provide a fast answer with the accuracy and precision traditionally seen in reference methods. Delivering precision within 0.1% in an 8 second fat test proves that the speed does not sacrifice results.

With built-in diagnostics and a signal lock before every test, Meat Trac™ is able to deliver consistent results test after test. Reduced down time, paired with methods that don’t drift or need recalibration, mean the Meat Trac is a system you can trust.

CEM - Vessels


Direct measurement means delivering the right answer, no matter what.

Changes in color, additives, temperature, or granularity do not alter the results. Because the moisture and fat are being measured directly, costly maintenance calibrations are not required for accurate results, saving time and money.
CEM - iWave Temperature Sensors

Upgrade to the ORACLE for universal analysis with no calibration.

ORACLE is the first ever rapid fat analyzer that requires absolutely no method development for fat only analysis. At the touch of a button, ORACLE can analyze fat in any food sample with reference chemistry accuracy, without any prior knowledge of the sample matrix or composition. Simply press the run arrow and ORACLE delivers an exceptionally accurate and precise fat result in seconds.

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