Microwave Assisted SPPS of Symmetrically Branched Peptides

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Microwave-enhanced SPPS allows multiple antigenic peptides (MAPs) or peptide dendrimers with symmetrical lysine branching to be synthesized with drastically lowered synthesis times and improved purities. Synthesis of a tetra-branched acyl carrier protein (ACP) peptide was achieved in under 2 h with 70% purity. Synthesis of a tetra-branched M10 peptide (the T-cell epitope of a Paracoccidiodes brasiliensis glycoprotein) was completed in under 4 h with 50% purity. Synthesis of an octameric, 3rd generation Lys-Leu antimicrobial peptide dendrimer (G3KL) was carried out in under 2 h with 80% purity.  All peptides were synthesized on the Liberty Blue automated microwave peptide synthesizer.