Moisture and Fat Analysis of Coconut Products

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Coconuts can be processed into countless products, including coconut milk, coconut flour, dried meat (copra) and coconut oil. At each step, it is critical for processors to properly control moisture and fat content. In this application note, we show how the SMART 6™ and the ORACLE™ systems allow processors to rapidly and directly analyze coconut samples for moisture and fat, allowing for real-time optimization of the process and of production profitability.


Coconut is a versatile agricultural product with countless health benefits. There are many value-added products that processors can derive from coconut, including coconut oil, coconut water, coconut milk, desiccated coconut and coconut flour. These products find a wide range of applications in food & beverages and cosmetic & personal care industries. Huge demand for coconut oil in the cosmetics industry and a significant increase in its popularity in food applications are likely to drive the coconut oil market. Active and health-conscious consumers have shifted their preference toward natural alternatives to caffeinated and sugar-based energy drinks. Hence, the demand for coconut water as a natural energy drink is growing rapidly, due to its nutritional properties, such as electrolytes and nutrients. Coconut flour offers food manufacturers with a health-conscious, gluten-free alternative to wheat flour.

Each individual product created during coconut processing must be carefully controlled for moisture (or total solids) and fat. For example, coconut flour with too much moisture will be prone to spoilage and agglomeration. Additionally, controlling fat content throughout the process ensures efficient extraction of coconut oil, which is a high-value product. The SMART 6 and ORACLE systems combine rapid moisture and fat analysis to provide coconut processors, and food & cosmetic manufacturers with direct, reliable results in approximately five minutes.