Moisture and Fat Analysis of Dairy Powders

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Dairy Powder manufacturers are enjoying a boom in sales due to huge demand from developing markets. With the growth in demand has come a growth in competition, and the need to provide quality product at the lowest possible price. The ability to control moisture and fat content allows dairy powder manufacturers to achieve both these needs, and with CEM equipment they can do so with better data and more confidence then ever before. CEM has the ability to test solids on incoming raw ingredients and slurries to ensure they are formulated to the correct specs, and moisture analysis can be done on finished powders to confirm quality and control dryer efficiencies, saving time and power. Fat can be tested on every product in the facility; liquid, slurry, or powder, with a single universal method that requires no calibration or adjustment due to changes in formulations or processing. This allows CEM to be the only company to offer a single analyzer for moisture, solids, and fat testing on any product for spray dryers, all with better accuracy than NIR and with no calibrations.