Peptide Synthesizers

Peptide Synthesizer - Liberty Lite 2.0

Liberty Lite 2.0

Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

Quick 12 minute cycle time.
High waste reduction.

Peptide Synthesizer - Liberty Blue 2.0

Liberty Blue 2.0

Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

Very fast 4 minute cycle time.
Exceptional waste reduction.

Peptide Synthesizer - Liberty PRIME 2.0

Liberty PRIME 2.0

Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

Ultra fast 2 minute cycle time.
Unmatched waste reduction.

Peptide Synthesizer - MultiPep 1

MultiPep 1

Automated Parallel Peptide Synthesizer

Flexible parallel peptide synthesis

Peptide Synthesizer - MultiPep2

MultiPep 2

Automated Parallel Peptide Synthesizer

Best in class parallel peptide synthesizer

Peptide Synthesizer - Liberty-PRO

Liberty PRO

Automated Production Scale Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

Very fast, 15 - 45 minute cycle time.
Scale-up, automated peptide synthesis.
Up to 1 kg crude peptide per batch.

Peptide Cleavage

Peptide Cleavage - CleavagePro


High Throughput Peptide Cleavage System

Cleave up to 48 peptides in parallel

Peptide Cleavage - Razor


Rapid Peptide Cleavage at Elevated Temperature

Cleave peptides in only 30 minutes Protect your synthesizer from volatile TFA fumes

Pick the peptide synthesis system that’s best for you.

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SPPS Reagents

fmoc amino acids image

Fmoc Amino Acids

High Quality and Affordable

Pre-weighed for CEM peptide synthesizers. Bulk Fmoc amino acids. Non-standard residues.

resins image

SPPS Resins

Reliable and Reproducible.

High performance ProTide™ PEG-PS resins. Economical pre-loaded PS resins.

oxyma image

Oxyma Pure

Reliable and Reproducible.

The best activator for elevated temperature SPPS.

oxyma image


Safer and Greener

A safer, more environmentally friendly solvent for solid phase peptide synthesis.


Webinar: Faster, More Efficient Peptide Synthesis
Faster, More Efficient Peptide Synthesis

Fast, Sequential Peptide Synthesis: Addressing the Synthesis and Purification Bottlenecks
Fast, Sequential Peptide Synthesis: Addressing Synthesis and Purification Bottlenecks