Ash pharmaceutical raw materials, excipients and finished products in minutes, while safely removing and neutralizing sulfur dioxide and nitric acid emissions to meet ISO 14000 regulations. The Phoenix Microwave Sulfated Ashing Option features a vapor scrubber system to safely remove harmful fumes from the furnace cavity and neutralize any residual acid exhausted from the sulfated ashing process.

Phoenix Sulfated Ashing option
  • Meets requirements for USP 281 (ROI) & USP 733 (LOI)
  • Built-in serial and parallel ports provide full documentation of method, completion date, and time
  • Menu-driven software permits simple entry and storage of operating parameters for up to 20 methods
  • Rapid disconnect feature allows system to be used as either a standard ashing system or a sulfated ashing system in less than 5 minutes without the use of tools
  • Quartz furnace ceiling assures sample purity
  • Easy-to-use
  • Available as a workstation with balance and printer

Temperature verification and temperature calibration for ISO and GLP practices are quickly and easily performed with optional accessories including NIST traceable dual thermocouples and calibration source instruments.


Phoenix video image
Sulfated Ashing / Residue on Ignition with Phoenix

Learn about the Phoenix Sulfated Ashing Configuration

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Application Note
Phoenix Sulfated Ashing in Pharmaceutical Applications

Rapid and Accurate ashing while meeting requirements of USP and

Efficiency Improvements for Sulfated Ash Determination

Avoid issues with handling difficult samples (splattering) using the Phoenix