Precise Moisture Analysis of Soft Candy

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Proper moisture composition of food products is critical to maintaining shelf life, inhibiting microbial growth, and achieving favorable consistency and mouthfeel. Moisture analysis of soft candies, such as gummies and toffees pose unique challenges, due to their relatively low melting point. As samples are heated to drive off moisture, soft candies tend to melt, which can trap moisture within the sample and lead to extended drying times.


The SMART 6 moisture analyzer overcomes the traditional barriers to direct moisture measurements. Using a combination of microwave and infrared energy, soft candies are accurately analyzed in only three minutes. Microwave energy excites polar molecules, such as water and sugar, throughout the entire sample, rapidly heating it to a set point that will drive
out moisture throughout the entire sample. Infrared energy is used to maintain a stable temperature throughout the test and prevent scorching.