Process Control in Wastewater Treatment Plants

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The modern world will always need wastewater treatment plants, and these plants will always need a way to improve process control. Process control can relate to proper viscosity for pumping, effluent testing, or digestion efficiency in tanks. But the ability to monitor and control polymer costs in cake solids is one of the most cost effective tests that any plant could perform, savings thousands of dollars a year with a more accurate solids test.

CEM has spent the last 40 years developing process control equipment that has proven to not only reduce analysis time, but to do so while maintaining the accuracy and precision typically found with industry standard methods. This combination allows users of the SMART 6™ and Phoenix™ technologies to see ROI’s in less than a year in many cases. The newly introduced SMART 6 can provide solids and TSS results in just 2-3
minutes. The Phoenix Muffle Furnace can quickly provide an ash result in under 30 minutes, as compared to the standard 8 hour test, allowing users to optimize feed rates for incinerators. Each system allows the user to greatly reduce analysis time, while maintaining confidence that the results are accurate and reliable.