Rapid Analysis throughout the Plastic Manufacturing Process

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Plastic compounders are the first step to creating the world of plastic that we currently live in. The millions of molded and extruded plastics products that we interact with on a daily basis all start with compounders and masterbatchers, and CEM has been a trusted companion for quality control testing for over

40 years. Regardless if you are a producer of masterbatch raw materials, recycled material provider, or focus on production of finished goods, determining and carefully monitoring the ash content of your products is a critical stage of ensuring the quality of your products. CEM has spent the last 40 years developing process control equipment that has proven to not only reduce analysis time, but to do so while maintaining the accuracy and precision typically found with industry standard methods. This combination allows users of the Phoenix BLACKTM to see ROI’s of less than a year in many cases, easily justifying one or more systems as a part of any plastic compounder’s quality control lab.