Rapid Compositional Analysis for Better Process Control in Egg Processing Plants

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CEM equipment has been trusted for over 40 years as a source of dependable process control. The ORACLE™, SMART 6™, Phoenix BLACK™ and Sprint®instruments all provide rapid and direct analysis for egg processing. To demonstrate the ability of the ORACLE, SMART 6, Phoenix BLACK and Sprint to accurately and reliably determine the fat, moisture, ash and protein content throughout the various egg processing steps, an assortment of in-process and finished product samples were obtained and analyzed.


Egg Processors are faced with a demand for an increasingly large variety of final products and customer requirements. Egg products must be created in liquid or powder form, egg yolks or egg whites, sugared or frozen, all to support a mix of both retail and wholesale customers. In order to remain competitive, costs must be kept low, with many egg breakers looking to improve process and quality control as a way to increase yield and profit. Critical testing points, such as fat and solids content, are used to ensure product quality. These test results can be used to make adjustments to in-process goods, reducing additional steps, such as fat reblending, which result in significant savings over time.

CEM’s rapid process control analyzers have proven to not only reduce test time, but to do so while maintaining the accuracy and precision typically found with traditional industry standard methods. This combination allows most users of the SMART 6, ORACLE, Sprint, and Phoenix BLACK technologies to see ROI’s of less than one year. The SMART 6 provides solids results on any egg product, liquid or powder, in just 2-3 minutes. The ORACLE universal fat analyzer is the first rapid fat analysis system that detects phospholipids and triglycerides, in as little as 90 seconds, to give a complete and accurate total fat analysis without the need for calibration.