SAM 255 Accessories

SAM 255 WorkstationSAM-255 Work Station
SAM-255’s are available with workstation options including a balance and printer. The SAM-255 Workstation is a complete center for accurate moisture or solids measurements in large samples. The system utilizes the SAM-255’s built-in serial and parallel ports to connect to a balance for weighing and a printer for complete documentation of the process to assist you in complying with ISO and other QC requirements.

The SAM-255 Workstation uses a 100 g balance with 0.0001 g sensitivity for sample weighing. The balance communicates directly with the SAM-255 by a RS-232 port. Once the sample has completed the drying process and has been reweighed, the user can choose to print the sample results and information with the Workstation’s printer.

SAM255Draw-Down Card Holder
The ideal solution for proper positioning of the draw-down card in the SAM-255

Bulk Drying Turntable

A two-tier drying basket that holds up to 1,000 g of material to be dried.

Glass Fiber Sample Pads
Designed to hold a variety of sample types including solids, liquids and slurries, CEM sample pads consistently provide superior test accuracy and precision. 
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CEM offers accessories for the calibration and verification of the temperature control circuitry to meet governmental regulations for various applications. Calibration Source Instrument (NIST traceable)The calibration source instrument and built-in system software allow rapid calibration of the temperature control circuitry of the SAM-255 Systems. A NIST traceable certificate of calibration is supplied with the instrument.