SPPS Chemicals

CEM - TamiSolve - A greener approach to peptide chemistry.

Synthesize peptides with superior reagents.


CEM offers a complete suite of peptide synthesis reagents for optimized SPPS using microwave irradiation. This includes a complete library of standard and unique high-quality Fmoc amino acids, PEG and polystyrene resins, and the powerful activator Oxyma. Using CEM’s unique high-quality reagents provides the highest purity peptides with CEM’s innovative methodology and instrumentation.


fmoc amino acids image

Fmoc Amino Acids

High Quality and Affordable

Pre-weighed for CEM peptide synthesizers. Bulk Fmoc amino acids. Non-standard residues.

resins image

SPPS Resins

Reliable and Reproducible.

High performance ProTide™ PEG-PS resins. Economical pre-loaded PS resins.

oxyma image

Oxyma Pure

Better Purities and Safer.

The best activator for elevated temperature SPPS.

oxyma image


Safer and Greener

A safer, more environmentally friendly solvent for solid phase peptide synthesis.