Sprint vs. Kjeldahl

Which test would you rather use?
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Kjeldahl Method
  • Uses sulfuric acid heated to high temperatures
  • Requires specialized disposal of hazardous waste
  • Takes 4 hours to perform
Sprint Rapid Protein Analyzer
  • Accurate, 3 minute test
  • Uses non-toxic tagging solution
  • No hazardous waste costs

Lower your chemical waste disposal costs and make your lab safer.

Be certain that your products are meeting your quality specifications, reduce your hazardous waste and make your lab safer with the award-winning Sprint Rapid Protein Analyzer. Our environment-friendly, easy-to-use systems give you fast, accurate results you can depend on every time.

Accurate Results You Can Depend On

Sample ID Kjeldahl Sprint
Non Fat Dry Milk Powder 35.33 35.58
Milk 3.27 3.27
Soy Milk, Chocolate Flavored 2.08 2.12
Chocolate Milk 3.27 3.27
Malt 7.94 7.84
NIST 1846 Infant formula 11.17 11.14
Bologna, Chicken and Pork Blend 11.33 11.39

Sprint Pays for Itself
With its rapid test time and low cost per sample, Sprint can help you run your process at optimal conditions and lower your analysis, water usage and hazardous waste disposal costs. Less re-work because Sprint gives you a protein value soon enough for you to make a change to your process.

Use our payback calculators to help you find out how much Sprint can help you improve productivity.

Kjeldahl versus SPRINT™ Cost per Test Comparison The cost per test for the SPRINT™ is $3.55 and about 3 minutes per test. If a laboratory performs one Kjeldahl test per day the cost is $8.03, and if 20 tests are made per day, the cost is lower, $7.23. At 50 tests per day the cost is down to $6.83.

Kjeldahl Method - Cost Per Test
per Test
1 Test
per Day
20 Tests
per Day
50 Tests
per Day
NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide ) 60ml $0.66 $11.91 $28.13
H2SO4 (Concentrated Sulfuric Acid) 20 ml $0.77 $13.89 $32.80
Catalyst (Copper Sulfate) 2 tablets $1.13 $20.31 $47.96
Weighing Paper 1 sheet $0.01 $0.11 $0.26
Standard Hydrochloric Acid Solution, 0.2 N 20 ml $1.37 $24.65 $58.19
Kel-Sorb (Boric Acid buffer solution with indicator) 60 ml $0.49 $8.88 $20.96
Waste Cost 200 ml $3.60 $64.80 $153.00
Total Cost Per Day   $8.03 $144.55 $341.31
Cost per Test   $8.03 $7.23 $6.83
Time to Analyze Samples   3.2 hours 5.5 hours 13.5 hours