The Extraction of Pesticides from Cannabis Flower and Edibles

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Cannabis and its products are on the road to being legalized throughout the United States. Because of the risk of pesticide exposure through inhaled and consumed cannabis products, the pesticides in the plant material and its products must be monitored. As matrices, cannabis and its related products have proven to be difficult to extract, and more traditional pesticide extraction methods, like QuEChERS, have been shown to perform poorly with these products. Thus, a better extraction method is needed. In this application note, in collaboration with SCIEX, the EDGE® was utilized to extract the Oregon pesticide list from cannabis flower and the edibles: cookies, chips, chocolate, hard candy, and granola bar. The average recoveries obtained were between 60% and 101%, and the average matrix effects were found to be between 70% and 130%. Thus, the EDGE is an excellent choice for laboratories extracting pesticides from cannabis and its products.