Extraction of PFAS Molecules from Spiked Soil

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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of manmade chemicals used in various industries because of their favorable properties for goods such as nonstick cookware and firefighting foam. Their stability and widespread use have contributed to their accumulation in the environment, and the lack of remediation techniques for their removal has allowed for their bioaccumulation in humans and animals. PFAS have been shown to cause health issues in humans, such as cancer, endocrine disruption, and infertility. Thus, their monitoring is critical. The EDGE®, an automated extraction system, was used to extract spiked PFAS from soil samples at both low and high spike levels. The EDGE extraction was less than 10 minutes and yielded excellent recoveries and RSDs without carryover in the system. The EDGE is an ideal option for laboratories that want to automate their PFAS extractions.

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