Ultrafast Total Fat Extraction of High-Fat Meats

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The EDGE® automated solvent extraction system is the most advanced system available for extraction of lipids from food samples. It is based on the combination of dispersive solid phase extraction and automated solvent extraction which drastically reduces the amount of time and solvent consumption. The system provides a complete fat extraction in less than 10 minutes, including extraction, filtration, cooling, and system cleaning, much faster than other extraction techniques. The EDGE is an ideal system for high-throughput extraction of all food samples, including high-fat meats. In this application note, EDGE, with its patent pending Q-Cup™, will be shown as a good alternative for the extraction of fat from high-fat meats.



The extraction of fat from food is crucial in the food industry for product formulation and because food labels must report both saturated and unsaturated fat content. Furthermore, educated consumers are highly concerned with what is in their food and are particularly concerned with fat content. In an industry with significant quality control and that is increasingly becoming more consumer-driven, time becomes a critical factor. Food manufacturers are burdened with additional testing before product release, making speed of analysis a critical factor.

Total fat extraction can be a challenge due to the potential of fat entrapment in the matrix. Traditional methods, such as Soxhlet, have been found to be effective; however, they take a long time to complete, use lots of solvent, and are destructive to the sample. In the demanding food industry there is a huge need to determine fat content quickly and safely.

Beyond the labeling needs, analyzing for contaminants is increasingly important. When analyzing for food contaminants there is often a need to further process a sample after fat extraction. Most traditional methods destroy the sample during the fat extraction, making further processing impossible. With EDGE, the fat extraction of high-fat content meats is completed in less than 10 minutes. The EDGE process is non-destructive and the extracted sample is ready for further analysis.


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