Universal methods provide the flexibility needed to keep growing.

With the idea of healthier eating and healthier options being one of the biggest consumer food trends of the past decade, more people are eating salad, either at home, at restaurants, or from fast food venues. More salad means more salad dressing, which, when grouped with similar condiments and marinades, makes up a $10 Billion market. With this growth, manufacturers of dressings face two big challenges: variety and ingredient cost.

Consumers now have a seemingly unlimited option of dressings and toppings to choose from, with minor changes between different brands and restaurants. As a result, manufacturers need to maintain ingredients and equipment to properly make hundreds of different products when necessary, including testing equipment for process or quality control. Regardless of the test being performed, having a system with the ability to test EVERY product accurately is critical to production and to maintaining a more comfortable yield.

The one constant for these products is that their fat/oil content is the most critical component to control, both in ensuring quality as well as reducing margins and increasing profit. In both mayo based products, like ranch, and oil-based vinaigrettes, the fat content is the most expensive and in many cases the largest quantity ingredient used. Previous fat analyzers have always been limited, requiring dozens of methods or channels for accurate analysis, however the new ORACLE™ universal fat analyzer from CEM is the first system that does not require method development. A system can be setup for the first time and test ANY product being manufactured at any facility without further adjustments: no method development, no recalibrations, no solvents. The system is rapid enough to make production changes, and more precise than even standard extraction techniques. The return on investment of the ORACLE will make it the most critical piece of equipment in your production facility, so reach out to CEM and see how we can help.