Use a single channel for all of your fat testing needs.

Dairy food production, and in particular the makers of cultured dairy products, has been trending toward full vertical integration. While the added control and streamlined processes can help companies produce better product more efficiently while controlling costs, there are plenty of problems that can arise during production, packaging, and testing. One of the biggest problems with testing is the scarcity of standard methods, either for micro or process control, that are universal in nature. This solution could simplify testing so only a single procedure or piece of equipment is necessary to perform all of the required analyses. CEM now has that solution, with its recently released breakthrough in testing moisture and fat content.

Previous attempts to better qualify the composition of incoming, in-process, and outgoing products thus far have been lacking. Dairy manufacturing requires companies to test at a number of places throughout production. Raw milk and cream must be analyzed as incoming ingredients. Powders and other additives are used for changing flavor, texture, or nutritional qualities. In-process materials must have accurate test results to correctly adjust formulation as necessary. Even finished materials must be checked to ensure the quality is up to standard and all product yields have been optimized. To date, NIR has been one of the most accepted forms of product testing, for moisture, fat, protein, and other components. However, liquid or solid, cultured or raw, viscous or powder, each of these product qualities effects the way an NIR or FT-IR system can analyze each sample. With more products requiring testing, that means more calibrations that cost more money, increased service due to damaged cuvettes, or having to buy two different systems just to handle the variety. Even with only a few products, every NIR and FT-IR instrument requires constant calibration maintenance to ensure the accuracy and repeatability is just good enough ( Now with more and more testing and more and more products, there needs to be a better alternative.

The ORACLE™ Universal Fat Analyzer from CEM is the first and only rapid fat analysis system that can test ANY product without method development or calibration. With the ability to isolate the fat molecules in samples, without interference from other components like protein or carbohydrates, the ORACLE can provide accuracy equal to that of reference methods, with even better precision and repeatability. Paired with the SMART 6™ Moisture Analyzer (, any product can be analyzed in less than 5 minutes with the simple interface and no solvents or recalibrations. Test raw cream one minute, cheese loaf the next, then whey powder immediately after. Each and every product will give the right answer, with no changes or adjustments necessary.