Webinar: Microwave Digestion Tips & Tricks: Petrochemical Applications

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Join us as we discuss the challenges associated with the digestion and analysis of petrochemical samples by ICP, detailing samples and applications such as wear metals, oils, diesel, fuels, elastomers, and plastics.

We will feature three presentations:

Bob Lockerman, Global Product Manager for CEM, will cover traditional samples including wear metals, oils, diesels, fuels, elastomers, and plastics. He will also highlight tips for getting samples into vessels (e.g. grinding, pipetting, water baths) and predigestion.

Justin Masone, Product Manager for Glass Expansion, will focus on sample introduction components geared towards petrochemical applications without and with the use of volatile solvents. Wear metal/used oil analysis typically do not require a volatile solvent, but do require a nebulizer capable of passing particulates and spray chamber designed for fast washout. For volatile solvents, e.g. analysis of fuels, naphtha, etc., a cooled spray chamber, low-flow nebulizer and ceramic torch are necessary sample introduction components.

Dion Tsourides, Director of ICP – NAFTA at SPECTRO Ametek Materials Analysis Division, will explore the ability to measure sulfur and chlorine at ultra-trace levels (sub-ppm) using the Spectro Arcos MV ICP-OES system capable of measuring down to 130 nm coupled with a high volatile organic introduction system (IsoMist) with little or no dilution.