Webinar: Microwave Digestion Tips & Tricks: Inorganic Applications

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Join us as we discuss the challenges associated with the digestion and analysis of inorganic samples by ICP.

We will feature three presentations:

Bob Lockerman, Global Product Manager for CEM, will cover tips for inorganic dissolution, including acid selection and multi-stepped approaches, in addition to grinding to increase surface area.

Ryan Brennan, President of Glass Expansion, will introduce sample introduction components geared towards high total dissolved solids, high acid content, and hydroflouric acid. Accessories that help to prevent salt build-up and improve long-term stability, including a high performance inert sample introduction system for ICP, will be highlighted.

Stan Smith, FAS Manager for the Atomic Spectroscopy group at PerkinElmer, will discuss how to obtain accurate results with good precision over longer time intervals with fusion samples using the Avio 500 ICP-OES.

This webinar was previously recorded and is available for on-demand viewing.