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Take the CEM $100K Challenge to see if using a CEM Fat Analyzer can Save you $100K a Year


CEM Fat Analyzers are the most accurate tools for saving time and money in food production. Fat analysis can be performed in only 8 seconds and our increased accuracy will put profits back into your business.


Get the first ever rapid fat analyzer with NO method develpment
The all new ORACLE Fat Analyzer is based on a very recent breakthrough in NMR technology. ORACLE is the first ever rapid fat analyzer that requires absolutely no method development and can analyze fat in any unknown food sample with reference chemistry accuracy and exceptional repeatability. For the first time, a new disruptive technology exists that allows for the direct measurement of fat in any food product in 30 seconds.
MEAT Trac fat, protein & moisture analyzer delivers precise results in seconds for all meat products. It uses direct measurement to deliver the right answer no matter what. With built in diagnostics and a signal lock before every test, MEAT Trac is able to deliver consistent results test after test saving you time and money.
Not manufacturing meat or dairy?  We have solutions for all food manufacturers to accurately analyze Moisture/Solids, Fat, Protein, Ash, and Metals.  Contact us to learn more.

For nearly 40 years, CEM has brought revolutionary instrumentation to the food industry.  Using direct analysis technology we provide the best accuracy and repeatability without the constly calibrations required for NIR.  

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