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A New Green Solvent for Fmoc SPPS

A New Green Solvent for Fmoc SPPS

An Improved, Green, One-Pot Process for Fmoc SPPS.

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Live Cannabis Webinar

Potency, Pesticides, and Metals, Oh My!

Now Available On Demand
Disposable Microwave Digestion Vessels - Never wash vessels again.

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Pioneers in Innovation

We create innovative solutions to many of the worlds scientific challenges. Our products are used globally for quality control processes, chemical analysis, and the synthesis of therapeutic drugs. Since 1978 many companies in the world have benefited from our faster, easier, and more efficient technologies.

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Investing in the Future


We are passionate about supporting our community through our regular donations to local schools, homeless shelters, and blood drives.

Career Opportunities

We maintain a regular internship program within various areas of the company including science, engineering, finance, and marketing. Find out more about cutting-edge opportunities.