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Liberty Blue Peptide Synthesis System (240 v)

Liberty Blue Peptide Synthesis System (240 v)

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The Liberty Blue™ System is an automated microwave peptide synthesizer designed for Fmoc solid phase peptide synthesis. The system is capable of automated synthesis of a single peptide. The standard synthesis scale is 0.005 - 5 mmol using a 30mL reaction vessel. The Liberty Blue™ uses a Discover single mode microwave reactor that provides for self-tuning with a continuous power delivery from 0-300 Watts in 1-Watt increments. The system contains 20 ports standard for amino acids, 7 additional unusual amino acid ports, and 4 external ports for other reagents. All reagent deliveries are controlled by nitrogen pressure. Amino acid, activator, and activator base are delivered with the Flex-Add technology allowing for precise and accurate delivery.

NOTE: This product configuration features a Discover microwave reactor with a 240 V power supply.  For those countries using a 120 V power standard, order PN 925600.

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Synthesis Scale 0.005 – 5 mmol
Reaction Vessel Sizes 30 and 125 mL standard
Chemistry Fmoc only
Activation Method In situ, standard activators
Amino Acid Reagents 20 plus 7 additional positions
External Bottle Positions 2 plus 7 additional positions
Temperature Measurement In situ Fiber-optic
Fluid Measurement Flex-Add - amino acids, activator, activator base Timed delivery – main wash, deprotection
Agitation Programmable inert gas bubbling
Waste Container 1 L reservoir with overflow detection
Controller Laptop with wireless option standard
Reports Printable .pdf file for each method created. Log created during each run of every step performed
Power 120V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz
20”W x 18”D x 30”H
(51 cm x 46 cm x 76 cm)
The purchase of this instrument includes a grant of a limited, non-transferrable license to use this instrument for microwave peptide synthesis using microwave energy for both the coupling and deprotection steps.
Patents US7393920; US7582728; US8058393; EP1491552; JP4773695, with additional worldwide patents pending