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MARSXpress Plus 110 mL (TFM AVTC) 24-Place Starter Set

MARSXpress Plus 110 mL (TFM AVTC) 24-Place Starter Set
Part #: 911014

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Includes liners, caps, plugs, composite sleeves, turntable, and one vessel rack (not shown). Accepts fiber optic temperature control.


The easiest-to-use, high-throughput vessel on the market, this patented three-piece vessel assembles in seconds. The open turntable design and composite sleeves allow for quick cooling. MARSXpress vessels have a self-regulating pressure control to eliminate the risk of over pressurization. MARSXpress vessels work in conjunction with CEM’s patented Contactless All-Vessel Temperature Control and now MARSXpress Plus with DuoTemp combines the fiber optic and IR temperature sensors in a high throughput format.

Contains the following parts:

  • Part # 404065 - (24) MARSXpress Plus 110 mL TFM Liner, Plug, and Cap
  • Part # 404035 - (24) MARSXpress Plus 110 mL Composite Sleeve
  • Part # 166222 - (1) Vessel Rack

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