Disposable Microwave Digestion Liners
Disposable Teflon Liners

Save time and money.



The Teflon®liner protects the vessel from batch-to-batch contamination without washing vessels between runs. Simply insert a disposable liner into the MARSXpress™ vessel, cap it, and run. When the digestion is complete, transfer your solution to an appropriate flask or vial and dispose of the liner. You are ready to start your next sample. Disposable liners are the perfect accessory for high- throughput labs running USEPA 3051A and 3015A methodology. They can also be used for any digestion application run at or below 180 °C for 30 minutes or less.


  • Up to 24 samples can be digested simultaneously
  • Throw the liner away – No washing
  • Eliminate cross contimination
  • Low cost per test


Clean Results

Get clean digests and eliminate vessel cleaning.

Disposable Teflon liners are clean enough to achieve < 5 ppb recoveries when run with acid only.


Concentration (ppb)

Ca 8
Al <5
Na 12
Ba <5
Cu <5
Fe <5
Pb <5
Mn <5
Ni <5
Bi <5
Co <5
V <5
Cr <5
Sr <5
Se <5
Zn <5
As <5
Cd <5

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