Perry’s Ice Cream Cuts Test Time in Half with the ORACLE.

Perry’s Ice Cream Cuts Test Time in Half with the ORACLE.


In this interview, Ian Olmsted from CEM Corporation sits down with Amanda Gleba to discuss Perry’s Ice Cream’s 100th anniversary and how their business has evolved to become a modern industry leader.

The Interview

Ian: I understand Perry’s Ice Cream is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year – congratulations! Can you tell me a little bit about the company’s beginnings?

Amanda: Perry’s Ice Cream is a fourth generation, family owned business. It was started in 1918 as a dairy when H. Morton Perry began delivering milk by horse and wagon. The first batch of ice cream was made for the local school on Mr. Perry’s stove in 1932 using his grandmother’s recipe. We have long since outgrown the stove top and now produce over 12 million gallons of ice cream per year, but what hasn’t changed is the fact that our ice cream is still slow cooked and made in single batches, which makes for a really creamy, wonderful tasting products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Ian: Are you doing anything special this year to celebrate such an important anniversary?

Amanda: This year we’ve been celebrating all year long. In the springtime we brought back four retro flavors from the vault that have been popular in past decades. We also introduced a new flavor called “The Good Stuff”. One thing Mr. Perry used to say that still guides our company today is “Make sure you put in enough of the good stuff” which not only applies to our products, but to our business and our people as well. It’s a way to remind our customers and ourselves how far we have come in the last 100 years, and how much farther we plan to go.

Ian: Why is fat testing critical in ice cream production?

Amanda: Fat testing is not only important to help us make sure we’re meeting our own product standards, but having the right amount ensures the best tasting product. When it comes to making our premium and super-premium products, we really want to make sure we have the right amount of fat to bring out the best flavor and creamy texture.

Ian: How were you testing fat before switching to CEM’s ORACLE?

Amanda: Historically, we have always used the Gerber method which was developed in 1891. However, as we push to modernize as a company, we are looking for ways to improve our testing capabilities. The Gerber method was working okay for us from a regulatory standpoint, but we just felt that the ORACLE technology was newer and more advanced, allowing us to get rid of the glass and acid from our lab. The ORACLE is more precise than Gerber, providing results that are within 0.2% of Mojonnier reference values. The improved accuracy of the ORACLE really makes a big difference.

Ian: What effort were you putting into maintaining or verifying your Gerber results with Mojonnier reference testing?

Amanda: We had just started a focused study in January of this year comparing our Gerber results with Mojonnier. It was that study that highlighted the fact that there was quite a bit of variation. We always knew intuitively that there would be some differences, but quantifying it is really what got us to start looking at the ORACLE.

Ian: How has the ORACLE impacted your business?

Amanda: In addition to cost savings, the ORACLE cuts our test time in half, which frees up our lab operators’ time. The ORACLE is very user friendly so the operators caught on very quickly and training on the ORACLE was minimal. Maintenance is simple and easy. During installation, our sales rep Vince helped us configure the ORACLE in the lab to maximize space and workflow, which was great. He was very knowledgeable and made the installation process very easy.

Ian: What do better fat testing results mean to you?

Amanda: Better fat testing translates into more accurate mixes. This allows us to hone in on our ingredients used in our mixes, resulting in improved cost and higher quality ice cream. The time savings not only allows us to run more mixes each day, but it also allows us to put more time into other quality commitments. Ian: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with me. Congratulations once again on the 100-year anniversary! Amanda: Thanks!


By switching to the ORACLE, Perry's Ice Cream has improved the accuracy and precision of their fat testing while lowering ingredient costs and delivering the highest quality product possible. For more information on how the ORACLE can have a positive impact on your profitability while improving your process control, call CEM at 704-821-7015.

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