Using Novel Methodologies to Increase Synthetic Yield, Purity, and Efficiency


Available On Demand
Airdate: Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Duration: 1 Hour


Microwave reactors have become the industry standard for medicinal chemistry, nanomaterials synthesis, and academic research and teaching labs. However, this synthetic platform is not always utilized by chemists to its fullest extent. Synthetic development is hindered by perceived limitations in what reaction conditions are possible. Modern instrumentation can increase the scope of synthetic chemistry, improve yield and purity, and significantly reduce reaction times.

This webinar will provide a foundation for understanding microwave chemistry and introduce new technologies to address the limitations of former techniques. The improvements manifested by these advances will be applied to existing literature protocol to demonstrate their practical research value. These topics will be relevant to anyone engaged in synthetic chemistry from methodology development to applied synthesis.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn to expand the limits of your synthetic chemistry
  • Understand how throughput can be maximized with highly efficient synthetic methods
  • Experience the capabilities of modern microwave synthesis instrumentation.

Who Should Attend

  • Laboratory managers
  • Synthetic chemists
  • Research scientists
  • Professors
  • Graduate students


Alexandria Brackbill
Applications Chemist
CEM Corporation